A drop of silence

8:41:00 PM

Every word is a reflection of inner thought, and silence is a frame less mirror. Once you've learned the art of silence, you don't need a language to wander inside someone's soul. The wisdom of purity begins at the point where you've lost words...It's a path of a solitary sailor who seeks for wonders in a wild ocean...

Every drop of silence is an ocean of words
And I’ve learned the art of silence
I’m a sailor, in a quest for a treasure
And,I’ve crossed the circumferences
To dive into the deepest trench
To discover the heavenly solitude
It’s so pure and divine
Just like falling and floating
I found deep ocean volcanoes,-
Massive mountains, lakes and Islands
Now, I’m a witness of wonders
An observer of your silence
Every words have melted away
To be the ocean of deep silence!
And I’ve transformed myself
To a drop of silence

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